Great Lakes Water Walk

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 16:00
Great Lakes Water Walk - Sept 24

We all depend on water – and water deserves our respect and protection. Members of Region 6 will be joining members of the public from all faiths, genders, ages and nations @GreatLakesWaterWalk on Sunday, September 24th for an Indigenous-led Sacred Water Walk in an open invitation to all people to join in ceremony to honour Nibi (Water).

By sharing the Indigenous practice of honouring our waters, the Great Lakes Water Walk is an opportunity to pause and reflect upon what we can do individually and collectively to ensure the health and well being of our waters for generations to come.

We will be meeting in front of the Harbourfront streetcar at 1:00 P.M. and walking from Toronto Music Garden to Marilyn Bell Park.

Closing Ceremony; Multi-faith water blessing, speeches and a round dance will occur at approximately 4 pm at Marilyn Bell Park.

Event Protocols: Respecting Anishinaabe ceremonial traditions, women are requested to wear long skirts and men long pants

  • Walkers will be led by a woman carrying water and a man carrying a water staff
  • Walkers must remain behind them at all times 

What to bring: healthy snacks, refillable water bottle, sturdy closed-toe walking shoes, rain gear and sun-block

Please register for this free, public, ceremonial walk:

For more information, please visit

Great Lakes Water Walk Facebook

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