Region 7 Needs Your Help!

Hello Region 7 Members!

Happy New Year!

Once again, it is time to select our consultative Representaties for RNAO's AGM on Aprl 28, 2017. Please RSVP to let me know if you are available and wlling to attend the AGM on Thursday, April 27th in the evening for the Opening Ceremonies 6-9 PM and on Friday, Aprl 28th from 8-4:30 for the Business Meeting.

We invite you to participate in the business of the AGM and contribute to shaping the Resolutions that impact nursing and health care. With your help, Region 7 won Chapter of the Year in 2016. Your keen participation in events made the win possible. And so, we look forward to your assistance again to support RNAO's AGM.


Please respond asap by emaling Claudette at:

We look forward to hearing from you

Region 7 Executive


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