CNSA Ontario-Quebec Regional Conference Reflections

Fostering professional development among nurses and nursing students are central to our region. Last month, Region 7 sponsored 4 students to attend the CNSA Ontario-Quebec Regional Conference. Here are their reflections: 


Heidi Parker, University of Toronto

Attending the Ontario-Quebec Canadian Nursing Students Association Regional Conference this year was a great experience. Over the three days of the conference, I was able to attend multiple workshops, hear from many different professionals working in the nursing profession, and attend the career and exhibitor fair on the Sunday to speak with potential employers and learn about the different nursing interest groups within the RNAO.  I particularly enjoyed hearing from Aric Rankin as he spoke of his experience both globally and within Canada in Indigenous communities. As this is one of my interests upon graduation, it was very helpful to hear from him regarding the rewards and challenges of this type of work. 


Shannon Doolittle, Ryerson University

The NCU-CNSA Ontario-Quebec Regional Conference was an incredible experience. I had never before attended a nursing conference, but now cannot wait to attend another one. There were a multitude of excellent speaker giving presentations over the span of the first two days of the conference. I attended several amazing presentations the second day, but the Geriatric Emergency Management presentation resonated with me the most as I am currently completing a placement in a long-term care facility, on a unit supporting individuals with dementia. Based on my experiences in my placement, I had been considering a focus on geriatrics in my future nursing career, and Marjorie Hammond’s discussion on the importance of a specialized geriatric assessment for older adults with emergent situations was particularly inspiring; she highlighted the important aspects of an older adult’s life that health care practitioners often do not take into consideration when completing assessments and determining treatment.


Sarah Quinto, Ryerson University

Being able to attend the 2016 Ontario Quebec Regional CNSA Conference this past September was truly a privilege. I felt energized after hearing from nurses working in community health and psychiatric emergency settings. I felt relieved after hearing about the anxieties and successes of new grad nurses. Surprisingly, after attending the conference, I’ve also come to view the notorious NCLEX-RN with a giddy sense of anticipation (although this is likely to change as my graduation date draws near)

Most importantly, I relished the opportunity to network with fellow colleagues who are passionate about advocacy surrounding LGBTQ+ health issues. Although I try to challenge heteronormative narratives in the classroom when I can, I have found it difficult to connect with other students especially within the context of a nursing curriculum and a healthcare system that often do not make space for queer realities. I was glad to find a safe space to do so at the CNSA conference, and hope that it will continue to provide room for dialogues surrounding diversity and inclusion within the nursing profession in the future.


Jessica Crawford, Ryerson University

"The 2016 OQRC held by my very own school, Ryerson University, was a great success! Notably, I submitted my first piece of art work as I was feeling inspired by the conference theme, ironically titled "Inspiring the Next Generation." Moreover, I felt this conference did inspire lots of people because of its incredibly diverse set of workshops and speakers. It was a very impressive lineup and I was so excited to learn from two role models in my fields of interest - Mental Health and Indigenous Health. Another great component of the conference my first French Workshop! I was thrilled to be in attendance, despite my limited understanding of French, I still feel like I was able to gain a lot, and support a very important workshop. I am very thankful to RNAO for being able to support my professional development and am incredibly grateful for networking with so many like minded students and future colleagues!"


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