Region 2 needs your help.

Region 2 executive members are currently working towards organizing another best practice guideline (BPG) workshop for this coming November, similar to the one held last October in Woodstock. 

Each chapter will be responsible for choosing a BPG that has an acute care focus. For our chapter's topic we thought we would look at a mental health/crisis intervention focus or acute delirium. 

So now I am putting it up to our chapter members. Does anyone know someone who would be an appropriate speaker? The expectation is that at the end of their presentation attendees will leave with a good sense of what the BPG entails and/or how it could be applied to our nursing practice. 

If anyone wants to volunteer or know of anyone who might be interested in speaking, please let me know.

We need to know by the end of June so that we have ample time to finalize the details.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Kristie Butler                                                                    
Communication ENO, Huron Chapter RNAO

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