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Announcing RNAO/Halton Chapter Educational Fund
Pauline Roach/RNAO Halton Chapter Educational Fund

The RNAO/Halton Chapter would like to invite potential candidates to apply for the Pauline Roach/RNAO Halton Chapter Educational Fund (Amount $500). The award will be given at the RNAO/Halton Chapter Annual General Meeting on November 1, 2017.


Pauline Roach was an active and committed member of the Halton Chapter RNAO. She was dedicated to the advancement of nurses within the profession. Her generous gift from her estate aims to establish an educational fund to financially support nurses with their program of nursing study. In 2016, the original name of the Pauline Roach Educational Fund was changed to Pauline Roach/RNAO Halton Chapter Educational Fund to acknowledge the contributions of the Halton Chapter members to this fund.

Purpose of the Fund

The fund was established and maintained to provide financial support to members of RNAO, Halton Chapter who take educational courses related to their role and responsibilities as health care provider. This year a $500.00 award will be granted to sponsor the educational pursuit of an RN.

Required Components of Application

1. Candidate provides a clear explanation of how the course relates to her/his role and/or responsibility as nurse.
2. Candidate provides a clear explanation with examples of how the course will improve her/his knowledge and skill in providing exemplary nursing care.
3. Candidate agrees to write a brief summary of how the RNAO Halton Chapter's scholarship fund assisted in her/his professional development as a nurse.
4. Candidate agrees to attend the AGM and be acknowledged as a recipient of the Pauline Roach/RNAO Halton Chapter Educational Fund.
5. Candidate must be a member of good standing with the Halton Chapter (at least 1 year).

Process of Application

1. Write a letter to the President of the RNAO/Halton Chapter, Nisha Walibhai, at and cc. Louela Manankil-Rankin, Vice President at
2. Deadline date for applying is midnight of October 1, 2017.
3. Applications will undergo a committee review.

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